Can the order be delivered to a different address than the buyer?

Yes. We deliver the goods to any address indicated by the customer, we also deliver in the dropshipping model. Thanks to simultaneous communication with the recipients we are able to guarantee the completion of the order within the set time.

The B2B shopping platform allows defining any number of delivery addresses and selecting one of them in the ordering process.

What is a B2B service?

It is an online shopping platform. Customers gain 24/7 access to our products, numerous promotions, sales and special offers.

B2B service enables, among others.:

  • browsing the offer and placing orders on any day at any time
  • access to unique promotions, sales and special offers
  • access to billing details, history of orders and payments
  • the ability to freely define delivery addresses and sub-accounts for employees
  • submission and servicing of service orders
  • creating own offers

Is there a way to cancel an order when the customer accidentally ordered the wrong item?

Of course. Therefore we know that there are situations in which the wrong products are ordered. With this in mind, we have provided customers with the option to cancel the order by sending an email to the person responsible for this realization.

Do alternative supplies have the same performance as the original? What quality are offered substitutes?

Rafcom guarantees customers that the offered compatible ink cartridges are of the highest quality and often better performance than original products. Our articles have certificates confirming their compliance with the standards.

What payment terms does Rafcom offer?

Rafcom sets the payment terms through individual negotiations with contractors. Our regular customers have the opportunity to obtain favorable terms as regards the payment deadline and the trade limit granted.

What are the transport costs of a given order?

If the parcel collection takes place outside of Rafcom's headquarters, the delivery price is as follows:

Type of order Shipping cost
order  up to PLN 2000 net     
PLN 14,99 net 
(24,99 – cash on delivery)
order  up to PLN 500 net  realized in Warsaw
order for PRISM and Cleverton products  up to PLN 600 net 
order over PLN 2000 net  free delivery
order  over PLN 500 net realized in Warsaw
order for PRISM and Cleverton products  over PLN 600 net    

Is it possible to view the goods before buying it?

In the interest of quality and safety of the products sold, the presentation of our range is excluded, because the opening of a given product would automatically require the purchase of it.

Can you pick up your order personally?

Yes. At the customer's request, the order can be picked up at Rafcom's office. Please, remember to inform us about the method of receipt of the goods when ordering.

The B2B shopping platform allows you to specify the method of implementation in the ordering process, including: personal collection from Rafcom warehouse, delivery carried out by Rafcom (in Warsaw) and shipping via courier (prepayment or cash on delivery).

What discounts does Rafcom offer?

For each order, the so-called logistic minimum above which Rafcom covers all transport costs. The value of the logistic minimum depends on the chosen form of delivery and is different for the products of specific brands.

In addition, products that are sold on promotional terms or as part of a sale are always available. Other discounts and rebates are determined individually based on the history of cooperation.

Products at promotional prices are not subject to additional discounts.

What are compatible ink cartridges?

These are alternative consumables that are equivalent to those offered by equipment manufacturers. Their use allows you to significantly reduce office costs (up to 70%). The quality and performance of compatible ink catridges often surpasses original materials. It is an ideal solution for customers who value innovative solutions and the best quality of products at an affordable price. All compatible ink catridges we sell have certificates confirming their compliance with the following standards:

  • ISO/IEC 19752 for monochrome toners,
  • ISO/IEC 19798 for cartridges for color printers,
  • ISO/IEC 24711 for inkjet cartridges.

Is it possible to refund / complaints received goods?

Rafcom makes every effort to ensure that the offered products are of the highest quality and reach the customer in an unaltered state. However, we realize that there may be a situation in which the customer will want to make a complaint or make a return of the purchased goods. In this case, please read the terms of return / complaint in detail in the Service tab.

What is the time for the implementation of the order?

Place of delivery  Time of placing the order  Delivery time
Warsaw order placed up to 10:30 a.m. same day
order placed after 10:30 a.m. next day
Poza Warszawą order placed up to 4:30 p.m. 24 h
order placed after 4:30 p.m. up to 48 h


If the payment method requires waiting for it, the order is processed immediately after receiving the confirmation of payment.